We are in “The Business of Invention”: inventing advanced technologies, enabling others in the ecosystem, and licensing our solutions across the industry. We solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges years ahead of market deployment, helping drive smarter, more efficient broadband networks and a richer multimedia experience.

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In Today’s Challenges, a World of Possibilities

We understand that the networks of the future are built on exceeding the possibilities of today. Our goal is to envision the future of networked communications – leveraging our deep knowledge of the industry, our agnostic position, and our ability to navigate the wireless ecosystem, to anticipate what the future will look like. Then we help make it happen.

Our Vision 2020 team is currently working with various companies to outline future network needs and possible solutions. That vision, which has been presented globally and was highlighted at the 2012 LTE World Summit in Barcelona, underpins the technologies our teams are working to develop. That effort aligns with InterDigital’s history of pioneering wireless technologies for advanced voice and data communications, solving some of the industry’s toughest technical challenges before others even recognize them.

Envisioning the future enabled us to lead the transitions from voice to data and from data to broadband. Today, as the world begins LTE deployment, we’re already architecting wireless systems for 2020 and beyond. As we continue to leapfrog the industry, we are working on advanced solutions that will support more efficient wireless networks, a richer multimedia experience, and new mobile broadband capabilities for decades to come.