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Smart Connections

InterDigital has developed fundamental policy-driven bandwidth management techniques that factor in various conditions to efficiently route wireless data traffic across heterogeneous networks. Those technologies include:

Data traffic is directed over cellular and/or Wi-Fi® networks subject to network conditions, operator service policies, user preferences, unique application requirements, location and context. For example, a user’s data may be sent over a single cellular or Wi-Fi network – dynamically switched to another network, combined across several networks to aggregate bandwidth, or even split to segregate different parts of a multimedia stream simultaneously among several networks.

While fully transparent to the user, these traffic management and off-loading technologies address the wireless bandwidth crunch – significantly improving network loading and making quality of service more predictable for any device and any service, across any network.

For those interested in the history of the technologies as well as current and future strategies for integration, InterDigital also published a technical white paper on Wi-Fi/Cellular integration: “Cellular-Wi-Fi Integration: a comprehensive analysis of the technology and standardization roadmap


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