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There is a large opportunity for IoT solutions to make an impact in a broad range of industries including transportation, healthcare, industrial, and building & home automation. InterDigital’s IoT solutions make it easier to implement solutions that are scalable, agile, flexible, and able to unlock the true value of data.


  • Scalability

    Connect Everything

    Extensive adapter framework to integrate legacy data

    Standards compliant IoT platform to manage edge devices

  • Agility

    Reduce Time-to-Market

    Multiple ecosystem partners providing IoT platforms and data services

    Future-proof architecture to enable evolution to new systems and services

  • Flexibility

    Choose the Right Solution

    Vendor agnostic approach to create optimal purpose-built IoT solutions

    Multiple industry solutions with best-in-breed partners

  • Value

    Extract Value Out of Data

    Aggregation and transformation of data for multiple markets

    Range of solutions including industry specific applications to advanced data marketplaces


An environment to connect platforms, data and services.

Standards-based IoT platform.


  • Transportation

    Data aggregation, storage, analytics, and brokering

    Offers a transport data marketplace for innovative application development

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  • Smart Buildings

    Data and device management, storage, predicitive analytics, multi-vendor sensors, and controls

    Provides efficient commercial real estate management

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  • Smart Cities

    Data and device management, storage, and predictive analytics

    Enables innovative smart city applications that include air quality monitoring, water and waste management

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  • Industrial

    Industrial environment monitoring and 3D visualization

    Facilitates cost-effective predictive and preventative maintenance for oil & gas industries

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BLOG / Nov 2016 / IoT, oneTRANSPORT / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
This past weekend, oneTRANSPORT hosted at Arup London their first in a series of three hackathons due to take place during the duration of the project!   oneTRANSPORT is a revolutionary smart city initiative focused on addressing the challenges in transportation systems with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Comprised of academic, industrial and public partners, and with sponsorship from Innovate UK,... Read More

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