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Internet of Things

InterDigital is a leading developer of fundamental enabling technologies for standards-based wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications, helping create a common framework and roadmap for cellular operators, service providers and device manufacturers.

The technology centers around a standardized service layer and application programming interfaces (APIs) that are independent and aware of both networks and applications, allowing cellular operators and service providers to fully enable the potential of M2M/IoT business applications – ranging from remote monitoring and control to e-health, smart transportation, and intelligent homes – changing the way people live, work and play. Beyond the standardized service layer, InterDigital’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) provides advanced and value added features that are critical for the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT).  

The standards-based service layer and APIs are part of our solution which is introduced in our M2M/IoT Service Delivery Platform brochure. For a more detailed description of the solution, please refer to our M2M/IoT Service Delivery Platform White Paper.

Since the establishment of the ETSI TC M2M committee in January 2009, InterDigital has made numerous contributions to the standardization process while building pioneering prototypes and demonstrations along the way. This standards leadership is now focused on the oneM2M global standard which has issued its Release 1 specifications. The company continues to play a central role in coordinating and integrating the hardware and software platforms for the multi-faceted demonstrations and field testing –critical milestones towards building an open and scalable M2M/IoT ecosystem across multiple vertical markets on a global scale. To that end, InterDigital participates in multi-vendor interoperability demonstrations of its oneM2M Service Delivery Platform, including at IoT Week in Seoul, Korea in November 2014 as well as at the oneM2M Showcase Event/ETSI M2M Workshop in Sophia Antipolis, France in December 2014.

InterDigital is focused on supporting the entire eco-system by providing advanced wireless technologies for emerging M2M markets and the IoT.

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