We are in “The Business of Invention”: inventing advanced technologies, enabling others in the ecosystem, and licensing our solutions across the industry. We solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges years ahead of market deployment, helping drive smarter, more efficient broadband networks and a richer multimedia experience.

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  • IMAGE_White-Paper1-220x220
    Pioneering User Adaptive Video Streaming Technology
  • IMAGE_White-Paper1-220x220
    Dynamic Spectrum Management
  • M2M chart
    ETSI M2M demo architecture
  • IMAGE_TWP_internet of things
    Standardized M2M Software Development Platform
  • IMAGE_TWP_video over wireless
    Video-Aware Link Adaption White Paper

    Enhancing real-time video over LTE

  • IMAGE_TWP_spectrum harvesting
    Dynamic Spectrum Management White Paper
  • IMAGE_Presentation.
    Mobile Video Optimization

    Video delivery optimisation via cross-layer design and video traffic differentiation

  • IMAGE_WP_security and trust
    Trust in M2M

    Paper addresses the mitigation of new threats in M2M communication – presented at IEEE VTC 2009

  • IMAGE_WP_security and trust
    SMART open ID

    A smart card based Open ID protocol — presented at IFIP SEC 2012

  • IMAGE_WP_security and trust
    Security and Trust for M2M Communications

    Paper was presented at WWRF 22

  • IMAGE_WP_security and trust
    Prevention of Unsolicited Communications

    Paper describes  using sender scorecards for the prevention of unsolicited communications

  • Jim Nolan comments on InterDigital’s R&D efforts on machine-to-machine communications
    At Wireless Health Convergence Summit

    This video features Jim Nolan commenting on InterDigital’s R&D efforts on machine-to-machine communications

  • IMAGE_Presentation.
    InterDigital at the Wi-Fi Global Congress

    Presentation highlights the effective Wi-Fi and cellular network integration: alleviating congestion and enabling
    cost-effective service delivery

  • D2D
    D2D video

    Cellular Controlled Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications

  • IMAGE_White Paper
    Cellular-Wi-Fi White Paper

    This white paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the technology and standardization roadmap for the integration of cellular and wi-fi systems