Creating the Living Network

InterDigital, Inc. designs and develops advanced technologies that enable and enhance mobile communications and capabilities. Founded in 1972, our engineers have designed and developed a wide range of innovations that are used in mobile technology products and networks that include 2G, 3G, 4G and IEEE 802-related products and networks.

For over four decades, InterDigital has been a pioneer in mobile technology and a key contributor to global wireless standards. Our team of more than 150 engineers  – almost 75 percent of whom hold advanced degrees, including nearly 50 PhDs – has unparalleled expertise in major mobile connectivity and content delivery technologies. Since 2000, InterDigital has spent close to $900 million on technology research and development.

The company’s activities are organized around the concept of the Living Network: a future where intelligent networks self-optimize to deliver service that is tailored to the content, context and connectivity of the user, device or need. 

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