5G Infrastructure: EdgeLink™

EdgeLink millimeter wave mesh backhaul and fronthaul technology is both an immediate solution for wireless gigabit connectivity for applications, such as residential broadband access and Carrier Wi-Fi cable extensions, and a platform for future 5G wireless transport. A centrally controlled mesh software solution resides on top of a WiGig MAC & PHY that can operate with multiple millimeter wave radio solutions. The solution is a low-cost alternative to fiber and traditional microwave solutions, where the low cost is achieved by leveraging high-volume WiGig chipsets, and large swaths of unlicensed spectrum.

EdgeLink™ Gigabit transport platform and SDN-software provides:

  • Delivers LTE-A and 5G ready Gbps transport using low-cost design concepts (WiGig, global unlicensed spectrum)
  • Software built on SDN framework that allows flexibility and programmability for a broad set of network topologies
  • Multi-hop and mesh topology support extended coverage and add high reliability
  • Transport slicing services enable independent flows with QoS guarantees
  • Sub 1msec low-latency routing capable of simultaneous Cloud RAN fronthaul and backhaul transport traffic

System Components

  • EdgeLink™ Node

    Mesh client software providing control and data plan features above the WiGig MAC & PHY 

    Indoor/outdoor hardware with 60GHz high gain antennas, baseband/RF, and network processors

  • Mesh Controller Software

    Build on SDN framework (OpenDayLight and ONOS) for flexibility and scaling

    Integrates with 5G multi-vendor heterogeneous networks

  • O&M Software

    A virtual testbench for mesh software development with test controller 

    Element Management System (EMS): Enables remote management and monitoring of mesh network for field testing and deployment


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