The idNSure solution offers “device security as a service” that allows IoT service providers and system administrators to monitor for security breaches and to initiate mitigation techniques. This solution employs multiple available authentication methods that can determine if an IoT edge device is in its expected secure state without requiring any special agent on the device.

idNSure provides:

  • idNSure cloud based system does the heavy lifting, so it works with even the most basic IoT edge device
  • Lightweight attestation of both sensor and gateway devices, creating trust in your entire IoT edge system
  • Full support for both legacy and new IoT edge devices without requiring any special software agents
  • Easy-to-use management dashboard and a capability to integrate with existing authentication systems

idNSure Device Security Solution

  • Device Security

    Risk-based multiple authentication approach to keeping IoT edge devices secure

  • Continuous Authentication

    Continuous authentication from IoT edge devices are first activated and while-in-service

  • Dashboards

    Dashboard that includes dynamic threat detection, real-time alerts, and layered visualization for optimal analysis & actionable insights

  • Backward Compatibility

    Backward compatibility and support for existing IoT edge devices in the field

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