oneMPOWER™ is a horizontal platform that helps to manage connected devices across diverse industries and communications networks. Its comprehensive suite of services span data, device, connectivity, security, and transaction management.


  • Roadmap created by 200+ company strong oneM2M™ ecosystem
  • Operates across diverse industries, networks and devices
  • Interworks with many existing protocols and alliances 
  • Access to a wide range of data services via™


  • Server Software

    Comprehensive service layer capabilities

  • Cloud Capabilities

    Hosting and access to a wide range of data services powered by™

  • Gateway Software

    Intelligence to manage and secure your edge devices

  • SDKs and Test Tools

    Advanced capabilities for developer communities


InterDigital Message Dissector Tool

The InterDigital Message Dissector Tool, powered by Wireshark® for oneM2M™ standard-based messages analyzes and displays oneM2M™ requests and responses. It is developed to display the packet information according to oneM2M™ structure as defined in the standard. The current version supports the oneM2M™ Release 1 bindings for both HTTP and CoAP.


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