oneMPOWER™ is a horizontal platform that helps to manage connected devices across diverse industries and communications networks. Its comprehensive suite of services span data, device, connectivity, security, and transaction management.


  • Roadmap created by 200+ company strong oneM2M™ ecosystem
  • Operates across diverse industries, networks and devices
  • Interworks with many existing protocols and alliances 
  • Access to a wide range of data services via™


  • Server Software

    Comprehensive service layer capabilities

  • Cloud Capabilities

    Hosting and access to a wide range of data services powered by™

  • Gateway Software

    Intelligence to manage and secure your edge devices

  • SDKs and Test Tools

    Advanced capabilities for developer communities


InterDigital Message Dissector Tool

The InterDigital Message Dissector Tool, powered by Wireshark® for oneM2M™ standard-based messages analyzes and displays oneM2M™ requests and responses. It is developed to display the packet information according to oneM2M™ structure as defined in the standard. The current version supports the oneM2M™ Release 1 bindings for both HTTP and CoAP.


BLOG / Dec 2016 / IoT,, oneMPOWER, oneTRANSPORT, oneM2M, ETSI / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
The mobile industry is characterized by global standards, and various standards-based solutions are being proposed by organizations such as the 3GPP, ETSI and oneM2M™ for the Internet of Things. As an industry leader, InterDigital has been an active contributor to the development of standards-based IoT from the beginning and continues to help drive the efforts, which can be seen in... Read More
BLOG / Sep 2016 / IoT, 5G, oneTRANSPORT, oneMPOWER, / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
InterDigital is delighted to announce that is has been shortlisted for two upcoming awards - the Global Telecoms Awards (also known as the Glotels), and the World Communication Awards (WCA). In the Glotels, InterDigital has been shortlisted alongside Nokia, Openmarket, Truphone and Türk Telekom in the ‘Harnessing the IoT opportunity’ category for its contributions to the oneTRANSPORT initiative. InterDigital also made the... Read More

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