wot.io™ is a revolutionary operating environment that acts as a fabric between data acquisition systems, data services and applications. It enables agile IoT systems to be rapidly deployed to solve evolving business needs.



  • Multiple ecosystem partners providing IoT platforms, data services and enterprise data systems
  • Extensible architecture that enables interoperability with legacy platforms and migration to next generation systems
  • Vendor agnostic approach to create optimal purpose-built IoT solutions
  • IoT solution enablement ranging from industry specific applications to advanced data marketplaces



2016 Global Internet of Things Platform Competitive Strategy Innovation & Leadership

Based on its recent analysis of the Internet of Things (IoT) platform market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes InterDigital with its 2016 Global Award for Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership. InterDigital’s focus on eliminating the complexity of IoT solution development and deployment is proving a winning strategy, considering the proliferation of IoT platforms, devices, and data services. Learn more.

ABI Research Hot Tech Innovator

Hot Tech Innovators in a report released by ABI Reseach identifing and analyzing 113 of the most innovative companies operating in today's global markets. wot.io™ was recognized for its innovative approach to solving IoT data challenges. 

IoT Nexus: Power Players and Innovators in the Internet of Things

 wot.io™ chosen by IoT Nexus for its Power Players in the IoT report. 

Best IoT Product at ARM TechCon 2014

In the category of Best IoT Product, the winner was the mbed IoT Device Platform from wot.io™. This data service exchange for connected device platforms provides native ARM mbed support across a range of architectures. In the complex IoT world, this exchange simplifies the deployment of IoT products and seamlessly integrates with the mbed ecosystem to share large volumes of data to and from other internal or commercial platforms in order to better monetize IoT data.



BLOG / Oct 2016 / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
By giving its employees paid time off to vote on Election Day this year, InterDigital is joining over 250 other technology companies, including Spotify, Autodesk and SurveyMonkey, in the TakeOffElectionDay campaign.   “We are proud to join this campaign as a way to support civic engagement and political participation by our employees,” said Jannie K. Lau, Executive Vice President, General... Read More
BLOG / Sep 2016 / IoT, 5G, oneTRANSPORT, oneMPOWER, wot.io / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
InterDigital is delighted to announce that is has been shortlisted for two upcoming awards - the Global Telecoms Awards (also known as the Glotels), and the World Communication Awards (WCA). In the Glotels, InterDigital has been shortlisted alongside Nokia, Openmarket, Truphone and Türk Telekom in the ‘Harnessing the IoT opportunity’ category for its contributions to the oneTRANSPORT initiative. InterDigital also made the... Read More
BLOG / Sep 2016 / IoT / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi
Hofstra University will host the first presidential debate on September 26, 2016. The University, which hosted presidential debates in 2008 and 2012, will be the first university to host debates in three consecutive presidential election years.  As a lead-up to the first 2016 presidential debate, the University has organized an interdisciplinary debate program titled, Debate 2016. Debate 2016 is a... Read More

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