Video Pre-Processing

Complementing Existing Video Encoding Systems to Improve Efficiency.


  • Perceptual Adaption

    Based on different factors such as viewing distance, ambient light and device parameters.

  • Artifact Removal

    Improved quality by blocking artifact removal, removing temporal noise and de-emphasizing film grain.

  • Flexibility

    For simple integration with support for common codecs and file formats.

  • InterDigital’s unique Video Pre-Processing solution pro-actively filters out parts of visual content that the human eye cannot see under certain viewing conditions. The removal of unnecessary visual information delivers equivalent perceived quality while reducing bit rates.
  • The Video Pre-Processing works with existing encoding workflows and infrastructures to improve the efficiency of video encoding. This helps meet tighter bandwidth constraints and offers more effective video delivery to a wide range of devices—televisions, mobile devices, and personal computers.
  • Benefits include increased revenue for OTT publishers and Pay TV providers, decreased distribution costs for all content publishers, higher quality video streaming on any device type and greater QoE for video viewers.
  • Delivered as a complete application or as a software development kit (SDK), it offers seamless integration with existing workflows and solutions.

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