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Spectrum Harvesting

InterDigital is a leader in the development and standardization of Dynamic Spectrum Management technologies that enable Wi-Fi®, LTE and other wireless communications over TV White Space (TVWS) and other under-utilized frequency bands.  The technologies can be integrated into wireless terminal devices or infrastructure platforms (e.g., access points, pico/femto/metro base stations, home gateways, set top boxes, etc.) to provide additional wireless broadband capacity when traditional networks are saturated.

These spectrum harvesting technologies can service more users, increase data throughput, avoid interference, and build out the small cell, heterogeneous network that is now being recognized as the future of wireless infrastructure.

InterDigital has integrated its technology and system design with components and custom development from leaders in the wireless, DSM, and cognitive radio arena.  Highlights include:

    • Allocation and aggregation of contiguous and non-contiguous licensed, unlicensed, and TVWS frequency channels;
    • Policy-based channel management on infrastructure or terminal developed for InterDigital by Radisys;
    • Channel selection assisted by database access from Spectrum Bridge, Inc.;
    • Channel quality sensing using a DSP-based Spectrum Sensing Toolbox provided by Shared Spectrum, Inc.;
    • Wi-Fi extensions for TVWS on a baseband platform developed by Ittiam Systems;
    • LTE protocol stack extensions for TVWS developed by Tata Elxsi;
    • LTE transceivers for legacy cellular or TVWS channels using a Lime Microsystems broadband transceiver IC;
    • Wideband radio for non-contiguous aggregation of TVWS channels developed for InterDigital by NTK SciDecCo Ltd.

The Dynamic Spectrum Management (DSM) white paper  provides a technical overview of spectrum harvesting through the allocation and aggregation of contiguous and non-contiguous licensed, unlicensed, and TV white space frequency channels.

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