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Video Solutions by InterDigital

Novel products enhancing user experience and reducing costs.

What is User Aware Video?

The explosive growth of online video consumption is choking networks and customer experience. Consumers are increasingly frustrated by frequent re-buffering and reduced resolution—overall a poor viewing experience. Content publishers seeking to meet the skyrocketing consumer demand face increasing challenges.

Existing streaming solutions don’t completely solve congestion problems, and ultimately leave content publishers hungry for a solution that delivers more complete results. A new technological approach turns the data threat into an opportunity for content publishers; managed properly, it is an opportunity for reduced costs, increased revenues, and differentiated Quality of Experience (QoE).

What are the Solutions?

Perceptual Pre-Filter – This unique solution works with pre-existing infrastructures to improve video quality per bit, withstanding bandwidth constraints and offering a better experience for consumers using any type of device—smartphone, tablet, personal computer, or television.
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User Adaptive Client SDK – Streamed video is normally encoded at multiple rates/resolutions. Our streaming client monitors network bandwidth, and then selects the optimal stream that it can play in real-time, to prevent rebuffering.
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