We are in “The Business of Invention”: inventing advanced technologies, enabling others in the ecosystem, and licensing our solutions across the industry. We solve many of the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges years ahead of market deployment, helping drive smarter, more efficient broadband networks and a richer multimedia experience.

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Vision 2020

To invent the future, you first have to understand it. And seeing the future is nowhere tougher than in wireless and mobility, which has seen multiple changes of business and service models in the past decade alone.

InterDigital’s roadmap of the future is part of an ongoing research project, which we call Vision 2020. Integrating the efforts of researchers inside and outside our walls – including a research partnership with University of Surrey and various other academic efforts – Vision 2020 analyzes the network and spectrum requirements, evolution of business models and device types, and other factors to identify the research directions the company will follow today.

Specific elements of the new network topologies included in Vision 2020 include:

Spectrum resources — by 2020, a completed evolution to a network that enables spectrum sharing and aggregation, with white space seamlessly integrated. Initial InterDigital research suggests approximately 100% gains in key quality of experience metrics.

Access resources — Intelligent, self-organizing access integrating flow segmentation and IP flow mobility.

Device resources — High-powered devices with integrated device-to-device capability supplementing network access, unleashing the “power of the crowd.” InterDigital research suggests 50%+ gains with little negative impact.

Vision 2020 was first presented at the LTE World Summit in Barcelona, and will continue to be updated with additional presentations and data points. Revisit this page, or visit our blog, for continued updates on this important project.

The Vision 2020 project, tailored to the application developer community, was also highlighted on September 21, 20012 to a standing-room only audience at GigaOM Mobilize 2012 and discussed by a panel of leaders from companies that are helping define the new mobile landscape. Senior executives from Truphone, inneractive, Kaazing and Vox Mobile joined InterDigital’s Allen Proithis and Alan Carlton for a chat about the future of wireless and what it means for the entire ecosystem.