Compare AI

This intuitive iOS app shows the ability to run state-of-the-art Deep Learning-based image compression algorithms on resource constrained devices.
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The CompareAI iOS app features a Deep Learning-based image encoder, a decoder, and an entropy coder to generate bitstreams comparable to traditional image compression algorithms.

Compare image compression methods

The app’s slider-based mechanism makes it easy to compare the visual quality of a compressed image generated from Deep Learning-based models, versus traditional image compression approaches like JPEG and HEIC.

State of the art models

CompareAI features 15 cutting edge Deep Learning-based compression models.

This variety of compressions includes a diverse range of deep architectures, quality metrics, and quality levels.

Open source library

The various deep compression models included within the CompareAI app are powered by InterDigital’s open source CompressAI project (

CompressAI is a Pytorch library and evaluation platform for end-to-end compression research.

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