Mobile World Congress 2018 Overview

Mobile World Congress 2018 was the biggest, best, and most exciting presence InterDigital has had in 20 years at the industry’s premier show.

At MWC18, InterDigital returned to booth 7C61 and showcased some fresh faces including ChordantTM, our recently launched Smart Cities-focused business, which showed off Smart City applications across transport, building, enterprise and utilities; and Hillcrest Labs, an InterDigital subsidiary, which presented Robot Navigation and AR/VR Motion Tracking, illustrating its prowess in the field of sensor development. And as always, our wireless team has been hard at work at the forefront of the next generation of wireless. Demonstrations included InterDigital’s EdgeLinkTM 60GHz Platform, our next gen Flexible IP Services platform, millimeter wave integration with existing LTE standards, and AR-enable live 360-degree video streaming platform.

Also, at the booth, InterDigital presented a number of panels with colleagues from media partners that include Light Reading, The Mobile Network, and Telecom TV, among others.

Check out the video to the right to get a tour of our booth, an overview of the demos, and some insights into the technology that we showcased at the event.