Video Standards

The mobile ecosystem, as well as transition to next generation video content production, including Ultra High Definition, High Dynamic Range, Wide Color Gamut, and Higher Bit Depth, are driving innovations in the video industry. In response to these existing and emerging trends, InterDigital’s Video Standards team has developed a well-balanced innovation strategy. The Video Standards team actively contributes to the development of standardized video codecs through two areas: standards based innovation and prototyping based innovation.

Standards based innovation focuses on participation and contribution to video standardization organizations, which include VCEG, MPEG, JCT-VC and 3GPP among others. The team has assisted in the creation of many standardized video codecs, including the baseline HEVC standard, its scalable extension, multi-view extension, and screen content coding extension. Through our standards involvement, the video standards team has firmly established InterDigital’s position as a leader in the video community.

The team’s involvement in the development of standardized codecs best positions the prototyping based innovation area to focus on innovative ways to implement and use standardized video codecs. Notable achievements for the prototypes developed by the team include power aware HEVC streaming, software-based HEVC decoder, fast HEVC encoder, and real-time SHVC decoder.