Carlton Talks New Frontier for IoT – Web Search Engines

August 30, 2016 / IoT, Web, 5G / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

You are probably all too familiar with typing in keywords or phrases into a Web search engine to find sites related to the content you want to discover. But in the connected world of the future, how is it going to work when your fridge needs to do a search for something?  

In a recent NetworkWorld article, InterDigital Europe’s Alan Carlton poses this question and discusses the need for a new method to search the Web that will allow IoT devices to discover other “things.”  

Alan starts off with a brief background on how current search engine technology works. He proceeds to cover why the current technology will not work for most IoT cases, therefore leaving us with a search engine problem in IoT. Finally, Alan discusses emerging solutions to that IoT search problem. Specifically, he examines a new type of search engine called a Resource Directory that is being defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force as well as the work being done in the Hypercat consortium.

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