InterDigital engineers leading the way in 5G research

January 7, 2015 / 5G, Wi-Fi, InformationWeek, EE Times / Posted By: Meghan Carney

InterDigital engineers are hard at work paving the way for the next generation of technology.  Two examples can be found in recent articles published in InformationWeek and EE Times, both focused on 5G technology.

In an article published last week in EE Times, WiFi Preps for 5G, IoT roles,  InterDigital’s Monisha Ghosh and Robert DiFazio discuss InterDigital Labs’ initiatives to advance WiFi technology.  As part of the NG60 study group, Ghosh and DiFazio are working with other engineers to develop technology that will support enhanced versions of WiFi running from 900 MHz to 60GHz.  Monisha explains that gaining another 7 GHz would be a “huge boon for WiFi.” Also mentioned in the article are efforts by InterDigital engineers to create a prototype of a 60 GHz directional mesh architecture using electronically steered phased array antennas that could support up to five hops.  Click here to read the full article and see what else the NG60 study group is working on.

Also published last week was an InformationWeek interview with InterDigital’s Alan Carlton, Senior Director of Technology, which focuses on the expected capabilities of 5G technology.  Alan is the head of the InterDigital Europe office, which is one of InterDigital’s main offices for 5G research.  He explains that while 4G was all about enhancing video capabilities, 5G will be about touch technology, leading the way for “the tactile internet.” Click here to read the article and learn more about what 5G technologies have in store for us.

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