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Next Generation Networks: Flexible Routing and Services

The Next Generation Networks (NGN) platform provides a flexible routing solution (FLIPS) based on an Information Centric Networking (ICN) approach. The platform is a hybrid of pure ICN and IP, to leverage the best of both: re-introducing multicast, particularly for HTTP unicast scenarios, as a way to drive down bandwidth costs. It also provides support for flexible service surrogacy as an evolution from pure content replication in today’s Internet. The underlying backward compatible architecture introduces new methodologies supported by an SDN/NFV enabled network fabric designed to meet the challenging KPIs of 5G.

The Next Generation Networks platform provides:
  • Better performance through an Information Centric Networking (ICN) approach
    • Native multicast, including better privacy, mobility, and security, for higher network utilization and lower bandwidth costs
    • Latency reduction through service surrogate capability and direct path mobility
    • Increased resilience through flexible routing at runtime
  • New service possibilities for operators through dynamic web servers utilizing in-network NFV-based computing capabilities
  • Exploits developments in software-based networks and creates an evolution path along existing system


The innovative ICN approach for operator networks

Flexible Routing Solution

Increased resilience and reduced latency

Software Defined Networking

Rapid, low-cost deployment of new networking solutions

Network Function Virtualization

Flexible software-based implementation of core network components


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