Smart Access Manager™ (SAM)

Intelligent network connectivity and traffic management for better end-user experiences, and new revenue generating opportunities for network operators.


For Operators:

  • Optimal use of wireless networks with intelligent policies and reduction in network congestion
  • Visibility to subscribers’ data usage on wireless networks and other analytics
  • Additional revenues with marketing campaigns for premium & venue Wi-Fi, and cost savings
  • Scalable, standards-based, future proof solution

For Users:

  • Seamless and automatic network connection management without user intervention
  • Improved QoE for network connectivity and apps
  • Lower cellular roaming bills


  • Intelligent Network Selection & Seamless Connectivity

    Based on real-time device conditions, operator policies, and user preferences ends tedious hotspot searching, unsuccessful authentication, and high cellular roaming bills for end users.

  • Intelligent Application Traffic Routing

    Enables operators to route premium services via cellular networks—while offloading other Internet traffic to Wi-Fi—and reduces congestion to offer the best end user experience.

  • 3GPP ANDSF (Rel. 8-11) & IETF Standards

    Connectivity to legacy and Hotspot 2.0 networks, and successful interoperability with multiple Tier 1 infrastructure vendors ensures economies of scale and a future proof solution.

  • QoE Assurance During Wi-Fi Connection & Analytics Reporting

    Back to operator servers drives effective policies and improves connection decisions that eliminate connectivity drag in all circumstances.

  • Android & iOS Support

    Offers a consistent user experience and enables network operators and service providers to provide Wi-Fi offload and onload, venue services, and international roaming capabilities—bringing cost savings and new revenue generating opportunities.

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