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5G Access: Ultra Mobile Broadband

The Ultra Mobile Broadband platform is a rapid prototype, high bandwidth, small form factor platform capable of prototyping advanced 5G technologies. The platform includes radios operating at 70 GHz with a 1 GHz bandwidth. Advanced 5G research, such as hybrid analog/digital beamforming and low-latency protocols are pursued through MATLAB based design and porting to FPGAs.

  • Very high user throughput of 2 Gbps peak with millimeter wave frequencies
  • Design flow from MATLAB system prototyping through FPGA targeting
  • Web-based user interface provides dashboards for data analysis 

Baseband Solution

TDD-SC Waveform based on 802.11ad PHY

LDPC Coder

Low-density parity-check

High Bandwidth

71-76 GHz, 4 channels, 1 GHz bandwidth


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