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Webinar / Sep 2017 / iot, smart cities

Smart city activities are usually driven by large cities with enough resources to adopt and deploy the solutions they need.  This approach generally works for large metropolitan areas where there is enough population to attract further innovation.  This scheme, however, is not applicable to smaller regions and satellite towns that may not have enough resources to procure smart city platforms, are not ready to commit to long-term contracts, or that simply do not have the size to bring in large-scale development.

In this webinar, experts present a multi-region IoT field trial in the UK as a way to introduce the use of open IoT standards to enable regional integration of data and to stimulate a wider innovation footprint by creating an open marketplace for data and data services.  Panelists include:

  • Rafael CepedaInterDigital UK
  • Trevor BrennanHertfordshire C.C.
  • Khalid NurArup
  • John PolakImperial College London
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