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Rumble in the IoT Jungle: Emerging Standards Take on Proprietary Solutions
Webinar / May 2016

The mobile industry is characterized by global standards, and various solutions are being pushed by organizations like 3GPP, ETSI and most emphatically oneM2M™. But proprietary solutions aren’t waiting, and are driving into the market with connectivity solutions that are ready and available now, and could emerge to be a de facto standard if adoption is rapid enough.

This Creating the Living Network™ webinar showcases two IoT experts as they debate proprietary solutions vs. global standards in IoT. SIGFOX North America President Allen Proithis makes the case for investing in proprietary IoT technologies, while Ken Figueredo, founder of consulting firm more-with-mobile and expert in oneM2M™ and other IoT standards, makes the case for standards-based IoT platforms.

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