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PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, IoT
Discover how the oneMPOWER™ platform served as the basis for working demonstrations of a Continua Alliance-certified connected personal healthcare application and a home/building automation application, both based on the oneM2M™ standard at Mobile World Congress 2016.  
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, IoT
oneTRANSPORT, a smart city initiative driven by InterDigital and ten partners, is based on InterDigital's oneMPOWER™ platform. Check out this Mobile World Congress 2016 presentation to learn how the initiative delivers value to transportation systems through interoperability and integration.
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, IoT
At Mobile World Congress 2016, InterDigital demonstrated the integration of its oneMPOWER™ platform, which is compliant with the oneM2M™ standard, with core 3GPP network operations. Learn how this integration can enable operators to easily extend services to IoT in a fully standards-compliant environment, facilitating operations like billing and device management...
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G
As one of the first of its kind and more than five years ahead of the expected broad market rollout of 5G, InterDigital presented a working 5G access technology at Mobile World Congress 2016. Check out more on InterDigital's ultra mobile broadband platform and how it can demonstrate 5G access...
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G, IoT
The emergence of new technologies like the mission critical apps, ultra high definition video and Internet of Things (IoT) require a network that can handle more connected devices, increased traffic and reliable communications - all with very low latency. These requirements and drivers have led the industry to begin development...
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G, Virtual Reality
High speed and low latency are expected to be cornerstone 5G requirements, particularly for the delivery of virtual reality and augmented reality. Learn how InterDigital used its EdgeHaulTM millimeter-wave mesh backhaul technology to deliver a live, functioning virtual reality telepresence use case at Mobile World Congress 2016.
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G
InterDigital’s EdgeHaul™ system is the world’s first WiGig-­based mesh backhaul system built on 60GHz electrically steerable phased array antennas and SDN control, that delivers multi-­gigabit-­per-­second speeds with low latency. Learn more about the solution in this Mobile World Congress 2016 presentation.
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G, NGN
The transition to 5G will involve completely new ways of envisioning the architecture of network infrastructure. In this Mobile World Congress 2016 presentation, InterDigital showcases a unique and innovative Next Generation Networks (NGN) architecture, with a flexible routing solution that reinvents the approach to IP-based services
There are many practical challenges facing the development of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Discover how InterDigital IoT Solutions portfolio can assist in tackling the challenges and help extract true value from data.
PRESENTATION / Mar 2016 / MWC16, 5G
Although 5G is not expected to make its commercial debut until at least 2020, most industry leading companies and experts, including InterDigital, have started to shape their vision of 5G. This Mobile World Congress 2016 presentation explores the race to 5G and InterDigital's vision - The Living Network.
Discover InterDigital's secure and scabable horizontal platform that helps businesses launch and manage IoT applications, oneMPOWER IoT platform in this recent IoT Week Korea 2015 presentation. 
This IoT Week Korea 2015 presentation demonstrates how the oneMPOWER platform can be used to develop horizontal mash-up applications.
This IoT Week Korea 2015 presentation demonstrates the key role that the oneMPOWER IoT platform is serving in the EU funded project.
Discover how the oneMPOWER IoT solution App Developers Kit (ADK) powered by ThingWorx supports a powerful "drag and drop" Mashup Builder that can be used to rapidly create rich, interactive IoT applications, real-time dashboards, collaborative workspaces and mobile interfaces with minimal coding.
This IoT Week Korea 2015 presentation highlights advanced features that it is implementing that include interworking of the oneMPOWER IoT platform with underlying 3GPP and LWM2M network technologies as well as scaling down the oneMPOWER IoT solution to run on resource constrained devices such as the Atmel SAM D21 Xplained...
PRESENTATION / Oct 2015 / IOT, oneM2M, Connected Health, ONEMPOWER
Discover how the oneMPOWER IoT platform is used to enable a Continua Alliance certified personal connected health solution from Lamprey Networks Inc. with oneM2M services such as device management capabilities.
PRESENTATION / Oct 2015 / IoT, oneM2M, oneMPOWER
Learn how the oneMPOWER IoT platform can be interworked with existing networking technologies such as Systech's Z-Wave home and building automation gateway solution from this IoT Week Korea 2015 demo.
To truly enable the next generation of applications, the IoT should start to look more like an operating environment stated InterDigital's Steve Burr repeatedly in his presentation at LinuxCon 2015. Check out his slides here to learn more about InterDigital's
PRESENTATION / May 2015 / 5G, Wi-Fi, Millimeter Wave
With the first commerical deployments of 5G predicted to begin in just five years, learn more about the requirements, use cases and technologies of 5G.
PRESENTATION / Apr 2015 / 5G, mmW, small cell, MWC
A closer look at InterDigital's self-organizing millimeter wave Gbps transport system featuring adaptive phased array beam forming technology.