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Machina Research: IoT Standardization

What the MEC? An Architecture for 5G

IoT Solutions: Smart Buildings

December 22, 2016

Testing the internet of things: making the IoT work

As the "internet of things" takes off, companies have a wide range of wireless technologies from which to choose and a number of use cases that make up the IoT.  This white paper from RCR Wireless explores some of the challenges related to testing the IoT, as well as a market...
December 22, 2016

Massively densified networks -- Why we need them and how we can build them

Today's networks have an atomic, discrete architecture, but as technology develops and more users and devices become a part of the equation, they are evolving into more user-centric and pervasive networks.  Senza Fili and RCR Wireless come together to present this webinar following the white paper that explores why densifying networks is...
December 19, 2016

What the MEC? An Architecture for 5G

MEC is a foundational network architecture concept, which will help 5G networks live up to their potential as “living networks”, while delivering significant capability gains required for IoT, enhanced mobile broadband, virtual reality, self-driving vehicles, and more. This e-book will review key aspects of MEC architecture and answer some common...
December 16, 2016

Machine Learning Techniques for Mobile Application Event Analysis

As increasing amounts of economic, entertainment and social activities are occurring using native and web applications, it has become essential for developers to analyze user interactions in order to better understand their behavior and increase engagement and monetization. In this paper, we describe how JumpStart, a real-time event analytics service,...
November 29, 2016

How Will the Olympics Shape 5G?

The Olympic games are a global phenomenon that draw in millions of viewers every two years, and wireless technology developers are working endlessly to keep up with the demands of the mobile audience.  According to the GSMA, these games are "accelerating the global development of the technology," especially when it...
November 21, 2016

UI/UX What's Next? -- AR/VR/Haptics/Gesture/Brainwave

Since computing systems' earliest days, User Interfaces and overall User Experience have needed to consistently evolve to meet the needs of a demanding audience.  This webinar features a panel of experts who dive into the motivations for and expansion of general human computer interfaces.  Speakers from a variety of industry perspectivies...