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GSMA's Mobile World Live: Connected Car Study

What the MEC? An Architecture for 5G

Telecoms.com: Smart Cities

May 24, 2017

InterDigital & HARMAN - Delivering Interoperability to IoT Solutions

InterDigital and HARMAN are working together towards interoperability of devices for smart buildings and smart cities. HARMAN offers gateway devices that offers multiple layers of interoperability with different devices and different types of connectivity. InterDigital provides the interoperability between different data sources. Together, we provide highly compelling IoT solution that...
May 19, 2017

NAB 2017: InterDigital and Ericsson Demo 8K 360-Degree Video

At NAB 2017, Ericsson demonstrated 8K 360-degree video experience utilizing InterDigital's 8K content. Check out the demo here!
May 2, 2017

Smart Cities: What are the opportunities and threats for telcos?

While the IoT market in general was slow to capture the public's imagination prior to 2017, one area where IoT is blooming is in the smart city and smart building industry; mass rollouts of IoT in an industrial setting, including urban environments and business hubs, are beginning to garner success....
April 20, 2017

eIoT Summit: Dr. Vanja Subotic and Nadine Manjaro Discuss IoT Solutions

InterDigital IoT Solution's Director of Product Management, Vanja Subotic and Lead IoT Consultant Nadine Manjaro discuss InterDigital's IoT platform, the IoT automotive segment, and solving issues such as data and device management.
April 4, 2017

Connected Cars: From Here to Autonomy

In winter 2016, a global survey with nearly 1,000 respondents uncovered significant understanding of the issues facing the wider deployment and monetization of connected cars, along with significant enthusiasm for connected car technologies and services in general and autonomous driving. This white paper outlines the results of the survey, as well...
March 27, 2017

TIA 5G Operator Survey Results: "5G Needs to Be a Chameleon Technology"

A survey and analysis of service providers' trials, timelines and implementations of 5G technologies spanning across Asia, Europe and North America is the focus of the January 31st release of TIA's 5G Operator Survey Report. The report claims 5G needs to be a “chameleon” technology and industry must adapt to...