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Machina Research: IoT Standardization

What the MEC? An Architecture for 5G

IoT Solutions: Smart Buildings

March 1, 2017

Fragmentation of IoT

Join the live webinar! Fragmentation and lack of interoperability is a major concern for IoT deployments and solutions.  This discussion will be centered on practical deployments to integrate multiple transport systems and regions in the UK.  We'll focus on oneTRANSPORT in relation to the following main topics: Real problems affecting...
March 1, 2017

Connected Car: Enabling a new suite of automotive experiences

Join the live webinar! As 5G and Vehicle-to-X technologies are currently in development, self-driving and electric vehicles appearing on the road with announcements of more coming soon, the software in the car needs to replace human senses and perceptions with automated means to continuously assess, perceive and respond to risks...
March 1, 2017

Internet of Things: The Use Case Experience

Join the live webinar! IoT is one of the most heavily discussed topics and a key theme at Mobile World Congress.  We've heard the promises of constant connectivity, intelligent devices, and access to more data for better real-time decisions.  But what's the current state of the market?  Where are we...
February 28, 2017

Crosshaul – The fusion of Fronthaul and Backhaul in 5G!

Join the live webinar! Looking at various research and standardization forums leading the development of 5G, such as 5G-PPP, NGMN, 3GPP, IEEE, ITU, IETF, ETSI, etc., all seem to align on the vision that the fronthaul and backhaul will converge or fuse in 5G into what is now popularly referred...
February 23, 2017

InterDigital IOT Overview

Get a quick view into InterDigital IoT in this brief overview video. 
December 22, 2016

Testing the internet of things: making the IoT work

As the "internet of things" takes off, companies have a wide range of wireless technologies from which to choose and a number of use cases that make up the IoT.  This webinar from RCR Wireless explores some of the challenges related to testing the IoT, as well as a market status update...