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Architecting Tomorrow's Smart Cities

Path to 5G: Creating the Living Network

Groundbreaking European Commission 5G Research Project

August 28, 2015

Wi-Fi quality of user experience: Business cases and drivers for service providers

Public Wi-Fi is increasingly important for the business models of communications service providers and for consumers, but it will not fulfil its full potential unless it is seamlessly integrated with other networks, particularly cellular ones. ReThink Technology Research conducted a survey in March 2015 for InterDigital to investiage service providers'...
July 21, 2015

5G Operator Survey

Within the next two decades, it is predicted that every person, industry, and service provider will be using 5G systems.  The fifth generation wireless standard is expected to underpin new technology deployments as well as future technologies that at this time can only be imagined. This paper provides valuable insight...
June 24, 2015

Strategies for Effective Wi-Fi Offload

Nowadays, agile operators view unlicensed spectrum as a tool that can be used to help build a heterogeneous network that offers users a homogenous experience. Wi-Fi is no longer considered the competition, but instead a potential partner. To learn more about carrier-grade Wi-Fi, how operators are integrating Wi-Fi into their...
June 16, 2015

Architecting Tomorrow's Smart Cities

The Smart City concept is predicted to provide safer, more efficient and environmentally conscious living corridors for a large and growing urban population. The migration of a city’s energy grid, transportation system, and more to efficient platforms that are interconnected is a tremendously complex task that will require many partnerships...
May 7, 2015

oneTRANSPORT - A New Economic Paradigm for Transport

Learn more about oneTRANSPORT in this brief for transport network managers, operators and local authorities.
May 5, 2015

LTE Unlicensed and Wi-Fi: Moving Beyond Coexistence

The next major shift in mobile broadband – 5G – will enable innovative services through emerging wireless core technologies and a programmable infrastructure designed to meet new requirements. One of the emerging technologies from 5G is LAA-LTE. This report published by Senza Fili in collaboration with RCR Wireless focuses on...