April 13, 2015 / 5G, SDN, NFV, RCR Wireless, 5GPPP / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

The first commercial deployments of 5G networks are predicted to begin in just five years. However, it is likely that many elements of what will be 5G will be seen much earlier than 5G access networks as we work to develop the broader capabilities. Two elements in particular that will be seen are network function virtualization and software defined networks.

InterDigital’s Alan Carlton, Vice President, InterDigital Europe, and Jim Nolan, Executive Vice President, InterDigital Solutions,... Read More

April 8, 2015 / STEM / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is key to the competitiveness of our nation in an increasingly interconnected global economy. InterDigital has been an active supporter of the STEM community and is committed to investing in the ideas and people of the future. The company’s commitment can be seen in its latest local effort - sponsorship of new wireless communications laboratories at Delaware State University.

On Tuesday, InterDigital announced the contribution of a... Read More

April 2, 2015 / small cell, Wi-Fi, LTE, Carrier Wi-Fi, SON / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

ThinkSmallCell featured two companies that have raised the profile on how to manage large scale small cell deployments in its recent article, Managing Large Scale Small Cell Deployments – and XCellAir, an InterDigital commercial initiative, is one of them.

In the article, ThinkSmallCell, a leading resource website for those involved in the mobile phone industry, covers potential future features and required characteristics with the expansion of small cell deployment and its... Read More

March 27, 2015 / 5G, H2020, 5GPPP / Posted By: Kelly Capizzi

As a pioneer in mobile technology, 5G research and development has been an area of special focus for InterDigital and its subsidiary, InterDigital Europe. In addition to 5G R&D, InterDigital Europe is focused on partner collaboration in Horizon 2020 (H2020) and other initiatives. The company’s mission to drive future technologies and foster collaborations can be seen in the company’s key roles in H2020 projects such as POINT (iP Over IcN the betTer IP) and RIFE... Read More

March 24, 2015 / IoT, M2M, IP, oneM2M / Posted By: Patrick Van de Wille

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most important areas of research for InterDigital, for a variety of reasons. For our technologists, we understand that it’s a force that will in all likelihood fundamentally alter the way the world operates, much like the advent of large-scale business computing or the Internet. For our investors, we often highlight that IoT is one of the next big opportunities that the company is working to capitalize... Read More