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VIDEO / Jun 2017 / IoT, oneTRANSPORT, oneM2M
IoT solutions need to offer immediate alleviation of key problem points, while offering a framework for continuous and cumulative solutions. Discover how the oneTRANSPORT initiative is doing just that with Watford.
VIDEO / May 2017
Hillcrest’s products are used in the development of devices in the virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), robotics, TV and motion remote control segments. Our proprietary and patented Freespace® technology transforms human and machine movement into high quality, application-ready information which enables developers and manufacturers to create everyday products that...
VIDEO / May 2017 / IoT
InterDigital and HARMAN are working together towards interoperability of devices for smart buildings and smart cities. HARMAN offers gateway devices that offers multiple layers of interoperability with different devices and different types of connectivity. InterDigital provides the interoperability between different data sources. Together, we provide highly compelling IoT solution that...
VIDEO / May 2017 / 8K, NAB, Video
At NAB 2017, Ericsson demonstrated 8K 360-degree video experience utilizing InterDigital's 8K content. Check out the demo here!
VIDEO / Apr 2017 / IoT
InterDigital IoT Solution's Director of Product Management, Vanja Subotic and Lead IoT Consultant Nadine Manjaro discuss InterDigital's IoT platform, the IoT automotive segment, and solving issues such as data and device management.
VIDEO / Mar 2017 / IDMWC17, MWC17, 5G, IoT
Light Reading's Ray Le Maistre discusses 5G and IoT with InterDigital's Alan Carlton at Mobile World Congress 2017. 
VIDEO / Mar 2017 / IDMWC17, MWC17, IoT
Dr. Rafael Cepeda explains InterDigital's intelligent transport solution and its role in the oneTRANSPORT initiative.
VIDEO / Mar 2017 / IDMWC17, MWC17, IoT
InterDigital's Nick Podias discusses the smart cities and smart building demonstrations in cooperation with partners, Harman Connected Services and Entrust Datacard, at Mobile World Congress 2017. 
VIDEO / Mar 2017 / IDMWC17, MWC17, 5G, Virtual Reality
InterDigital's Yong He demonstrates a personalized virtual reality platform at Mobile World Congress 2017. 
VIDEO / Mar 2017 / IDMWC17, MWC17, 5G, FLIPS
InterDigital's Dirk Trossen and Sebastian Robitzsch demonstrate a next generation IP networking platform at Mobile World Congress 2017.