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VIDEO / Nov 2016 / IoT, oneMPOWER,
Check out this video to discover how smart buildings can provide automation and efficiencies to commerical real estate environments. 
VIDEO / Nov 2016 / IoT, oneMPOWER,
Get a quick view into InterDigital IoT Solutions in this brief overview video. 
VIDEO / Nov 2016 / IoT, oneMPOWER,
Learn how industrial structural health monitoring can facilitate cost-effective predictive and preventative maintenance for oil & gas and other industries.
VIDEO / Nov 2016 / IoT, oneMPOWER,
Discover how environmental monitoring can enable innovative smart cities applications that include air quality monitoring, water and waste management. 
VIDEO / Oct 2016 / 5G, 5GPPP, H2020
Check out this demonstration for the H2020 5GPPP 5G-Crosshaul consortium that integrates InterDigital's EdgeLink™ system into an integrated fronthaul and backhaul trial at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin. 
VIDEO / Oct 2016 / 5G, IoT
You might be wondering, “who is InterDigital?”  What do we do, and how have we impacted the technology of today – and tomorrow? Check out this video to learn the answers and more!  
VIDEO / Sep 2016 / IoT
TIA NOW talks with InterDigital's Jim Nolan about joint ventures, new applications and commercial IoT Platforms based on oneM2M™ standards.
VIDEO / Sep 2016 / IoT, oneTRANSPORT
Discover the oneTRANSPORT initiative that utilizes InterDigital's market leading oneM2M™ based IoT platform, oneMPOWER™ powered by™.
VIDEO / Jul 2016 / NGN, 5G, ICN, SDN, NFV
At 5G World, InterDigital's Dirk Trossen demonstrates and explains our Next Generation Networks platform. The platform is a hybrid of pure ICN and IP, to leverage the best of both: re-introducing multicast, particularly for HTTP unicast scenarios, as a way to drive down bandwidth costs. Watch the video to learn...
VIDEO / Jun 2016
B.K. Yi, CTO at InterDigital, tells the TIA NOW audience what the milestones are for 5G technologies, from the point of view of network service providers at the TIA 2016 Network of the Future Conference, in Dallas, TX.