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August 3, 2016


idNSure™ is an assurance-based, multi-factor authentication framework for IoT edge devices.
July 11, 2016

5G World: Dirk Trossen Talks Next Gen Networks

At 5G World, InterDigital's Dirk Trossen demonstrates and explains our Next Generation Networks platform. The platform is a hybrid of pure ICN and IP, to leverage the best of both: re-introducing multicast, particularly for HTTP unicast scenarios, as a way to drive down bandwidth costs. Watch the video to learn...
July 7, 2016

Smartening up the City - New technologies promise a breakthrough for efforts to improve urban living

In practice, making existing cities smart is proving hard. Many different stakeholders need to be involved, while sensors, controls and connectivity can be difficult to install in dense urban environments. In response, some cities are now experimenting with low cost, low power Internet of Things technologies that could usher in...
June 28, 2016

Resource Discovery in the Internet of Things

The World Wide Web (WWW or Web) is a global collection of connected documents and other resources that reside on the Internet.  The introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to dramatically increase the size of the Web in the near future and thus necessitates a fundamental change...
June 28, 2016

New Service-provider and Business-model Disruption in the Industrial Internet of Things

Horizontal IIoT platforms will proliferate once organizations implement multiple IIoT applications across different business units within a single corporation, for example, and in communal environments, such as smart cities and multi-modal transportation systems. Two other factors that will fuel this trend are the favorable economics of shared platforms and the...
June 27, 2016

TIA 2016 - 5G: Milestones for Network Service Providers

B.K. Yi, CTO at InterDigital, tells the TIA NOW audience what the milestones are for 5G technologies, from the point of view of network service providers at the TIA 2016 Network of the Future Conference, in Dallas, TX.