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DATA SHEET / Feb 2017 / IoT
The smart cities market and its associated segments, which include smart buildings, intelligent transportation and energy management among others, are all lucrative and growing IoT markets. They all share the demand for more standardised approaches and the need for partnerships. Here, IoT Now Magazine reports on the recent oneTRANSPORT initiative...
DATA SHEET / Nov 2016 / M2M, IoT, SDK, ehealth, oneM2M
oneMPOWER™ is a horizontal platform that helps to manage connected devices across diverse industries and communication networks. Its comprehensive suite of service layer tools spans data, device, connectivity, security, and transaction management.
DATA SHEET / Aug 2016 / idNSure, IoT
idNSure™ is an assurance-based, multi-factor authentication framework for IoT edge devices.
DATA SHEET / May 2016 / IoT,
wot.iot™ is a revolutionary operating environment that acts as a fabric between data acquisition systems, data services and applications. It enables agile IoT systems to be rapidly deployed to solve evolving business needs.
DATA SHEET / May 2016 / IoT, oneTRANSPORT, oneM2M
There is a large opportunity for IoT solutions to make an impact in a broad range of industries including transportation, healthcare, industrial, and building & home automation. InterDigital’s IoT solutions make it easier to implement solutions that are scalable, agile, flexible, and able to unlock the true value of data....
DATA SHEET / May 2015 / M2M, IoT, oneM2M, oneTRANSPORT
Transport and local authorities are being encouraged to achieve more from their networks and make them ‘smarter’ to deliver reduced congestion and modal shift, but is this possible in the prevailing economic climate? Review of the oneTRANSPORT concept, which has emerged from Innovate UK’s Integrated Transport initiative suggests the answer...
DATA SHEET / Apr 2015 / 5G, mmW, small cell, SDN
EdgeHaul, the world's first self-organizing millimeter wave Gbps transport system featuring adaptive phased array beam form technology.