Our Licensing Program

Our Licensing Program


InterDigital actively contributes to the technical development of standards pertaining to digital cellular and wireless communications and other technologies. These standards, among others, provide detailed specifications for wireless communications products and systems and are beneficial to the industry as they enable economies of scale and support interoperability.  Moreover, the standardization process itself produces benefits to both implementers and consumers as it encourages the development of ideas and technical solutions that result in innovative standards. 

As an innovator and a contributing participant in the wireless technology industry, InterDigital respects the important role that intellectual property policies serve within the standard-development environment.  As such, InterDigital honors its commitments under applicable IPR policies of standards-development organizations of which it is a member.

Beyond technology development, InterDigital is proud of our business practices. Our licensing practices are considered exemplary by licensing and industry experts, and the company has been honored with the Licensing Achievement Award by the Licensing Executives Society, alongside other winners like IBM Corporation, Stanford University and the U.S. Department of Energy.

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