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Driving critical research in wireless, advanced video, and emerging technologies...
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InterDigital Research and Innovation – Addressing Critical Challenges

From connecting each generation of cellular to enabling devices that shape our future, InterDigital invents the technologies that make life boundless.

As one of the world’s largest pure research, innovation, and licensing companies, InterDigital’s leadership in wireless, video, AI and emerging technologies enables and enhances the devices and connected industries of tomorrow.

Our team of world-class engineers is equipped to address the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges, and shape global trends through consistent contributions and leadership across standards bodies.

Leading Standardization We develop the technologies and contribute to wireless and video standards at the core of devices, networks, and services worldwide

Pioneering New Frontiers We invest in solving future problems related to AI, low latency, energy efficiency, quantum computing, and more

Developing New Technologies We actively collaborate with industry partners, startups, governments, and academia to jointly develop new technologies that enable new product capabilities

Encouraging Global Innovation We represent a global research organization with key centers of competence in the United States, France, Canada, and UK and leadership representation in critical global standards organizations like 3GPP, ITU, and MPEG.

Shaping technologies at the forefront of wireless through innovation and standards leadership, the Wireless Lab drives wireless evolution in radio, core networks, service enablers, and much more.

Developing cutting-edge technologies for media coding and distribution, InterDigital’s Video Lab leads research that enables new devices and rich multimedia experiences while lowering data bandwidth and power consumption.

TheAI Lab Lab explores new research topics and incubates early ideas to understand their impact on next generation mobile and immersive technologies.