Rate Disclosure

Rate Disclosure

Our rates

The following details the base rates we currently offer for a license to various cellular technologies:

   Technology  Rate  ASP Floor  ASP Cap
 Cellular Wireless  3G  0.40% US $40.00 US $100.00
 4G  0.50% US $50.00  US $200.00 
 5G  0.60% US $60.00 US $200.00
 802.11 FIXED UNIT RATE of US $0.05

Cellular rates are not cumulative – the cellular royalty rate that would apply would be that related to the most advanced technology present on the device. So, if it is a 4G phone (with 3G backwards capability) , the royalty rate that applies is the 4G rate.

Additional discounts may apply for term of Agreement, product volumes, payment timing and structure, special market considerations.

Pricing for new licensees - covering sales from January 1, 2020 onward. Handset pricing only. 

Example: On a $500 smartphone that implements 3G and 4G standards, as well as Wi-Fi and HEVC video technologies, our rate per handset would total $1.15, subject to any additional discounts which may be available based on volumes, agreement duration, and payment timing and structure, and other factors. Subject to certain conditions, these discounts are available to all new licensees.