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For more than 40 years, InterDigital has been at the forefront of wireless technology – a tradition that continues today, with our engineers contributing key technologies to 5G technology and our advanced
research teams working on what lies beyond 5G. Since 2005, InterDigital engineers have made approximately 4,000 contributions to major wireless standards. Whether it’s in standards development, advanced research, award-winning partner-driven projects or prototyping new capabilities for wireless networks and devices, InterDigital’s capabilities are driven by our uniting principles: a strong belief in global standards, a commitment to platforms and capabilities that are geared to research instead of products, and a desire to see our industry grow and progress.

Since 2005, InterDigital engineers have made approximately 4,000 contributions to major wireless standards.


Through its work with leading standards organizations, InterDigital has played a central role in defining global wireless standards for the industry. Most notable are the company’s many contributions to the principal wireless standards groups that develop the specifications for future generation wireless communications technologies and products, including major contributions to 3G (WCDMA, HSPA) 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced, and various standards-setting organizations like IEEE, oneM2M and others.


InterDigital has been a key member and technical lead for a number of multi-partner projects seeking to define future networks, devices and capabilities. Most notably, the company has been the driver behind a number of award-winning projects that have emerged from European H2020 technology development initiatives, such as XHAUL, POINT (iP Over IcN the betTer IP), RIFE (aRchitecture for an Internet For Everybody), FLAME (Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation), 5G-Crosshaul and 5G-CORAL. The company’s work has been recognized with multiple awards and shortlistings, including the 2018 CSI Magazine “Best 5G Technology” award.

Customer Projects

InterDigital conducts a variety of research projects and partner-conducted research, as part of joint ventures or via customer and partner relationships with industry leaders. Customer-driven research provides InterDigital with guided research efforts, and can be a key part of broader relationships that deliver greater value for licensees.

Evolution & Prototyping

More than half a decade before the earliest rollout of 5G, InterDigital hardware engineers displayed working 5G backhaul and access technologies, including live at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Today, our engineers are continuing to drive prototyping research, extending to key solutions that can spur use-case development, such as our AdvantEDGE platform. A key note: all of our platforms are designed from the outset to be easily integrated into university and consortium research efforts, with easy usability and open protocols. Our work builds on a heritage that includes protocol stack software that powered 400 million devices and a HSPA chipset that was an industry leader in performance.


The world’s first self-organizing WiGig-based millimeter wave Gbps transport system: low-cost, high capacity and scalable.

A flexible 5G access platform enabling high capacity mobile broadband and low latency communication.

Innovative platform with flexible routing solution allowing for exponential video streaming gains while driving down cost.

AdvantEDGE provides an emulation environment, enabling experimentation with Edge Computing technologies, applications, and services.


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