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The AI Lab carries out research on new and disruptive technologies with the goal of understanding their impact on our on next generation mobile and immersive technologies.
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Focusing on long-term, high-impact research, the AI Lab examines how ideas at the leading edge of AI/ML research (particularly deep learning) can be used to deliver the next generation of wireless and immersive technologies. Our efforts seek to improve performance or reduce energy usage of systems, or even to open up or enable brand new capabilities in our core business areas. The lab also carries out research on disruptive technologies such as quantum computing and blockchain to understand their potential impact on our business.

Priorities for the AI Lab include:

  • Using deep learning to deliver disruptive solutions in wireless communications and video compression
  • Delivering a data and machine learning platform to support internal workflows
  • Applying the latest advances in natural language processing (NLP) toward analyzing patent documents
  • Investigating next-generation technologies such as blockchain and quantum computing

Research Topics

AI for Dynamic Wireless Environments

InterDigital is dedicated to developing AI/ML based solutions to address the complex optimization problems that arise in wireless system design for 5G and beyond. Our engineers lead research to optimize wireless systems, particularly when the channel state is highly dynamic and channel state information (CSI) varies over time and location. Due to the highly non-linear nature of the underlying wireless optimization problems, deep neural networks offer an effective solution and enable inference to be done in quasi-real-time.

Deep Video and M2M Compression

Efficient video compression is critical for the storage and transmission of growing video content, especially as deep learning-based approaches have quickly caught up with traditional approaches for image compression. InterDigital is a leader in the design of disruptive video codecs based on deep learning techniques. Building on top of its open sourced library CompressAI, Interdigital also offers solutions suited for interpretation by other neural networks or machines, like IoT devices.

Quantum Computing for Future Wireless Communications

Quantum computing is a revolutionary new technology that exploits quantum mechanical properties to enable a fundamentally new type of computation that can theoretically outperform classical computers in several areas. Future generations of wireless deployments will leverage technologies such as Massive MIMO, cell densification, innovative air interface multiplexing techniques, and mmWave frequencies which will require significantly-increased amounts of baseband computation. InterDigital is investigating the use of today’s Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum devices in possible system architectures to leverage the power of quantum devices for future wireless networks.

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