May 13, 2019

5G Urban Deployment: Debunking the Capex Myth and Unlocking New Growth

The global economy is experiencing rapid changes during the first years of the 21st century, with new technologies, concepts, and behaviors now changing the way we live and work. Blockchain, self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning, Three-Dimensional (3D) printing, and Augmented Reality (AR) are just a few examples of...
April 3, 2019

MWC19: 5G-CORAL - Virtual Reality Video Streaming

This demonstration hosted by Charles Turyagyenda, Staff Engineer at InterDigital, highlights the benefits of micro-services based distributed computing at the extreme edge of the 5G network. Experience E2E 360 video streaming deployed cost-efficiently across three tiers of computing nodes (low, medium and high end) all under unified orchestration and control....
April 3, 2019

MWC19: 360° Video Standards

Don Tian, Senior Principal Engineer at InterDigital, discusses the importance of video standards as it relates to 5G live from the InterDigital booth at MWC19 in Barcelona.
April 3, 2019

MWC19: 5G Edge – Autonomous Drones on AdvantEDGE

This demonstration hosted by Robert Gazda, Senior Director of Engineering at InterDigital, highlights the benefits of Edge Computing combined with 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) – to realize a Mission Critical Automation application vertical.  See how drones operate and interact autonomously in a dense urban environment, navigating obstructed...
April 3, 2019

MWC19: Edge Computing Interview

Join Alan Carlton, VP InterDigital Labs, as he discusses Edge Computing at MWC19.
April 3, 2019

MWC19: Volumetric Technology

Gaël Seydoux, Research & Innovation Director at Technicolor, discusses Volumetric Technology live from the InterDigital booth at MWC19 in Barcelona.