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The Video Lab leads research that enables new devices and rich multimedia experiences while lowering data bandwidth and power consumption.
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Through industry collaboration and video standards leadership, InterDigital’s Video Labs develop cutting-edge technologies for media encoding and distribution and shares our innovative impact in video coding, computer vision, computer graphics, streaming and AI.

2D Video Standards

An eye with a chromatic color effect applied to it

Exploring core tech and IP that improve compression of current and future video content, the 2D Video Standards team develops novel video coding and transport technologies and IP to deliver multimedia content as well as low-latency codec solutions suited for video distribution and cloud gaming applications.

Priorities for the 2D Video Standards Group include:

  • Contributing to the JVET explorations of future 2D video codec standards investigating traditional as well as AI-based technologies
  • Establishing key partnerships to define low latency video codec standardization path
  • Participating in the standardization of system, transport and streaming technologies to complement our core coding standards

Addressing an array of codec methods and schemas, the Immersive Standards team leads innovation in disruptive point cloud and point cloud processing for machine consumptions, parallax-enabled viewing experiences, and context-aware wireless mixed reality experiences.

Priorities for the Immersive Standards Group include:

  • Lead participation in the definition of the upcoming D-Mesh MPEG standard
  • Driving the definition of an AI-based framework enabling a new point cloud compression standard 
  • Finalizing MPEG Immersive Video (MIV) V1 and shaping the definition of next generation immersive standards
  • Participating in the standardization of system, transport and streaming technologies to complement immersive coding standards
  • Creating and implementing XR use cases to support future 5G and 6G innovations

Immersive Standards

A person with VR goggles on.

MetaVideo Standards

Multi colored strands floating against a dark blue backdrop.

Paving a way for evolution in video ecosystems, the MetaVideo Standards team investigates and develops solutions for emerging media technologies. The team will explore new solutions to represent video content for more efficient distribution and enhanced interactive user experiences.

Priorities for the MetaVideo Standards Group include:

  • Analyzing energy consumption along the video value chain and propose effective solutions to be promoted in related standards
  • Investigating disruptive AI-based solutions for application dependent video representation and coding
  • Actively participating in the creation of media standards including MPEG Haptics, and telepresence

Enabling new video and immersive ecosystems through collaborative use of our standards and technology, the Video Solutions team develops and licenses HDR technologies while supporting the deployment of our 2D video and immersive standards like VVC, PCC and MIV.

Priorities for the Video Solutions Group include:

  • Enabling the deployment of our HDR solution and ensuring its activation in consumer devices
  • Supporting key partners in the implementation of our 2D and immersive core standards, enabling their deployment in different verticals
  • Providing technical support to the promotion of our 2D and immersive core standards in application standards and generate associated core and implementation IP

Video Solutions

The lens of a camera with a multi color effect applied to it

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