May 12, 2021 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
    We recently announced the retirement of Bill Merritt after 25 years at the company and nearly 16 years serving as InterDigital’s president and CEO. During Bill’s quarter-century tenure at InterDigital, his contributions and leadership led the company through many significant changes and expansions. Here’s a snapshot of the last 25 years of achievement at InterDigital – truly a legacy to merit, and a legacy for Bill Merritt.   1996: Bill joins InterDigital as... Read More
May 12, 2021 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
    This edition of “Getting to Know You” takes an in-depth look at Liren Chen, who on April 5th assumed the role of InterDigital’s President and CEO. Following an introductory All Hands, InterDigital employees were introduced to Liren and given an insider pass to better understand his background, his drive to join InterDigital, and how he might lead in the path ahead. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:   Early Life... Read More
February 26, 2021 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
  It is a shame that February, the shortest month of the year, is also the month we celebrate Black History, and the myriad contributions from Black and African Americans across the country and around the globe. Black inventors are responsible for some of our most valued and often used amenities, including the three-light stoplight (Garrett Morgan; Patent No. 1,475,074), refrigerated trucks (Frederic McKinley Jones, U.S. Patent 2,780,923), automatic elevator doors (Alexander Miles; U.S. Patent... Read More
January 13, 2021 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
In this edition of Getting to Know You, Corporate Communications interviews Jean Bolot, InterDigital's Head of AI Labs, to explore the department’s latest news, unveil InterDigital's very first mobile app, and reveal surprising answers about the best AI Companion. Corporate Comms: Jean, as Head of AI Labs, you lead one of InterDigital’s most cutting-edge and experimental departments. Following last year’s historic events, do you think that 2021 will be a year for AI? Did the... Read More
November 25, 2020 / Posted By: InterDigital Comms
On this edition of Getting To Know You InterDigital, Corporate Communications interviews Mike Cortino, InterDigital’s Head of Information Services, to learn more about the department, exciting new projects, and some of the questions keeping Mike busy as we all work from home. Corporate Comms: Mike, you joined InterDigital this year as the Head of Information Services, at a time when our company, and the rest of the world, was making the transition to work from... Read More