Imaging Science Lab

Enabling the production and delivery of high quality real and synthetic images.
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InterDigital R&I’s Imaging Science Lab partners with key players across the film and consumer electronics industries to develop cutting-edge tools to analyze, process, represent, compress and render content – enabling the production and delivery of high quality real and synthetic images. 

Several key areas on which the Imaging Science Lab is focusing include:

  • Color science and applications;
  • Content compression and its associated ecosystems; and
  • Content processing.

These technologies are developed in a dedicated project portfolio, ensuring a balance between advanced research and its direct application to today’s technology needs.

Research Topics

Video Compression

The Imaging Science Lab develops new technologies to improve compression efficiency and make key contributions to the new ISO MPEG/ITU-T VCEG standard. We also are conducting advanced research into the use of deep learning to develop disruptive video codec solutions.


InterDigital R&I’s Imaging Science Lab is actively involved in the development of a complete joint SDR/HDR solution, ensuring backward compatibility and optimal delivery and rendering on next generation displays.

TV UI and interactive experiences

A focus of research at the Imaging Science Lab is the development of new display functionalities and their associated usage at home.

Point Cloud Compression

Point Cloud technology is one of the most exciting and multi-purpose visual technologies being developed today. InterDigital R&I is developing pioneering compression solutions for Point Cloud technology, leveraging the joint geometry and video nature of point clouds. This includes active participation in the new PCC MPEG standard.

Advanced AI-based Object, Facial and Production Capabilities

InterDigital R&I builds on its heritage of developing cutting-edge solutions for Technicolor, a leader in production services, with a range of technologies that we believe will see broad application beyond specialized services. These include AI-based capture to assist VFX artists, animated face rig extraction (in collaboration with Max Planck Institute), digital make-up, and color management in VFX.

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