January 20, 2017 / stem, iot / Posted By: Rachel Rorke

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is vital not only for the success of the wireless technology industry, but also for future generations to be encouraged to grow in new directions.  InterDigital is committed to the advancement of STEM education and is always excited to pursue new opportunities that support our local communities.  Thus, we are thrilled to share that our Internet of Things (IoT) business unit recently sponsored a set of IoT kits for a high school program with which one of our consultants, Nadine Manjaro, is involved.

In October 2016, Nadine presented to a group of STEM Themed Institute students at New Brunswick High School in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  New Brunswick High School provides students with the chance to learn in smaller learning communities, which are split into four overall “Themed Institutes,” including STEM; Fine, Visual & Performing Arts; Law, Human & Public Service; and Humanities.

Nadine, an alumnae of New Brunswick High School, was inspired to pursue her career in engineering after professionals came to the school when she was attending to share their love of STEM with her and her classmates.  Her story helped her connect with the students at the school, whose population is over 90% minority students from lower-income backgrounds.  As an immigrant, Nadine overcame a number of challenges on her path to engineering success, but her commitment and passion for STEM enabled her to earn undergraduate degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Economics, as well as a master’s degree in Engineering Management.

Nadine’s presentation and the positive feedback it received was the catalyst that inspired her to develop a program that introduces students to the IoT and create a dialogue that highlights the merits of a STEM-related career.  She is fiercely dedicated to encouraging the next generation to pursue STEM careers, and hopes to replicate her experience with other lower-income high school students as an extension of her work in IoT.  Nadine shared this enthusiasm with InterDigital’s IoT business unit leaders, and they readily jumped on board to sponsor IoT starter kits in support of the cause.

The goal of Nadine’s project is to give students a hands-on demonstration of IoT in hopes of generating interest and motivation to pursue careers within the growing STEM field.  InterDigital celebrates Nadine’s efforts to help the local community and is proud of her support of furthering STEM education.  We are excited to see what great stories and conversations come out of this initiative!