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As one of the world’s largest pure research, innovation, and licensing companies, InterDigital’s leadership in wireless enables and enhances the devices and connected industries of tomorrow.
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For nearly 50 years, InterDigital® has been at the forefront of wireless technology – a tradition that continues today, with our engineers contributing key technologies to 5G technology and our advanced research teams working on what lies beyond 5G.

Since 2005, InterDigital engineers have made approximately 4,000 contributions to major wireless standards. Whether it’s in standards development, advanced research, award-winning partner-driven projects or prototyping new capabilities for wireless networks and devices, InterDigital’s capabilities are driven by our uniting principles: a strong belief in global standards, a commitment to platforms and capabilities that are geared to research instead of products, and a desire to see our industry grow and progress.

Wireless Standards Group

A world-class research organization that enhances InterDigital’s core licensing business and sustains standards leadership in the wireless industry, the Wireless Standards Group explores topics at the forefront of wireless, with the mandate to improve wireless communications and shape its evolution through impactful standards leadership in 3GPP, the IEEE Standards Association, and other organizations like IETF, ATIS and ITU-R.

The team innovates in technology areas related to 5G system architecture, 5G RAN air interfaces and protocols, future Wi-Fi technologies, machine intelligence applied to wireless, and more.

Priorities for the Wireless Standards Group include:

  • Technology leadership that drives the evolution of technologies in the wireless industry
  • Standard leadership that brings substantial and impactful contributions to relevant standards bodies
  • Innovation leadership that creates high quality solutions and key enablers of future wireless evolution

Wireless Research


Fostering industry consensus around the evolution of wireless technologies, the Wireless Research Group shapes the vision for future wireless through development and consensus building toward standards. Innovating years ahead of standards discussions, the team drives industry roadmaps through leadership in consortia like Next G Alliance, pre-standards groups, and university explorations.

The team is committed to building centers of excellence that foster talent, competency, and technical expertise in core wireless topics, including advanced air interfaces, AI/ML in wireless, and edge.

Priorities for the Wireless Research Group include:

  • Building industry consensus for the roadmap to Next Generation wireless technologies
  • Providing centers of excellence that foster innovation throughout the incubation-to-standardization lifecycle for core wireless technologies
  • Prototyping and demonstrating InterDigital technologies through implementations that build deeper collaboration and new discoveries

Wireless Lab Europe


Focusing on research engagement in the radio interface, radio access network, core network and service enablers, the Wireless Lab Europe Group drives collaborative technology development through consortiums and industry initiatives like Horizon Europe, 6G-IA and ETSI that enable quick consensus building and showcase InterDigital leadership in future wireless standards.

Priorities for the Wireless Lab Europe Group include:

  • Leading InterDigital’s research and innovation on future wireless technologies in Europe
  • Disseminating InterDigital’s wireless technologies through partnership collaborations and industry initiatives in Europe
  • Promoting InterDigital’s thought leadership on wireless in Europe and globally

InterDigital provides engineering, technological research consultancy services for wireless and digital communications, including designing and testing wireless and digital communications systems and related equipment and components; designing computer software for wireless and digital communication systems; and industrial analysis and scientific research services in technology related to color management.  We also provide general computer technology and software consulting services, including software as a service (SAAS) for data management to and from intelligent devices or applications; connecting intelligent devices of any kind to software platform or applications in the cloud; and allowing remote access to capture, display, store, archive, search, index, share, analyze, monitor, track, exchange, and maintain data.

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