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VIDEO / Apr 2018 / MWC18, MEC, 5G
A fully functional ‘5G’ network will involve a wide variety of technologies and capabilities. In this video, InterDigital's Alan Carlton walks us through six key arguments that position the Edge as most important to 5G and the 5G business cases.  This talk is a clip from the Mobile World Congress...
VIDEO / Mar 2018 / MWC18, 5G, FLIPS, SDN, NFV
In this MWC18 demonstration, InterDigital's Dirk Trossen and Sebastian Robitzsch showcase how our FLIPS platform provides a SW-based solution on top of proliferating 5G technologies (SDN and NFV).
VIDEO / Mar 2018 / MWC18, 5G
In this MWC18 demonstration, InterDigital's Phil Leithead and Lisa Lam show some of the fundamental concepts enabling millimeter wave 5G integration with the existing LTE standard in nonstandalone mode.
VIDEO / Mar 2018 / MWC18, IoT
In this MWC18 demonstration, Chordant's Ryan Drummond shows the capability of the Chordant platform to interface with 3GPP Service Capability Exposure Function (SCEF).
VIDEO / Mar 2018 / MWC18, 5G, Video
During MWC18, InterDigital's Yong He demonstrated an end-to-end 360 video live streaming platform with AR capabilities that is built upon a series of state-of-the-art video standards, including MPEG Ominidirectional Media Format (OMAF), the latest MPEG-Immersive standard, MPEG DASH, and the most efficient video compression standard H.265/HEVC.
VIDEO / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G
5G is happening now, and the upcoming years will see many new testbeds and trial networks. The testbeds will lay and validate the foundation of 5G, but will also set opportunities for new research initiatives. This MWC18 panel looks at the breadth of international activities on-going with 5G testbeds and...
VIDEO / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G
5G, more than any previous generation, promises to enable a diverse range of applications, services, and user experiences:  from ultra-high definition video, fiber-quality mobile broadband, massive IoT, and mission critical automation (vehicles, drones, smart factories, etc.).  To meet this challenge, new ways of architecting networks needs to be considered.  Multi-Access...
VIDEO / Feb 2018 / MWC18, IoT
In this MWC18 demonstration, Chordant's Steve Burr walks us through an airport use case where edge processing facilitates both machine vision and low latency critical decisions.
VIDEO / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G, FLIPS
In this MWC18 interview with The Mobile Network, Dirk Trossen outlines why networks need an intelligent edge, and describes new routing technologies that can enable it. He also says that edge compute goes beyond the mobile network operator.
VIDEO / Feb 2018 / MWC18, 5G
In this MWC18 interview, Robert "Bob" DiFazio gives The Mobile Network an inside look at the new technologies that InterDigital is trialling right now in operator test beds.