University Relations

University Relations

Preparing for the Next Frontier

InterDigital has been engaged with several leading technical universities for many years.  Today, we maintain comprehensive and rewarding relationships with close to twenty prominent educational institutions across the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Through a combination of internships, special project grants, memberships in their respective research centers, and sponsored studies, we gain exposure to relevant leading-edge academic research and tomorrow’s top engineering talent.


InterDigital Innovation Challenge

The InterDigital Innovation Challenge (I2C) is an engineering contest in collaboration with Calit2 at U.C. San Diego. Both Interdigital and Calit2 have made it their mission to nurture public research and accelerate innovation in wireless products and technologies, with a particular emphasis in:

  • Radio signal propagation and processing
  • Radio modem innovations
  • Radio network management and systems innovations
  • Compression and data management techniques
  • Energy improvement in radio processing
  • Wireless and network virtualization

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