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Data Sheet / Apr 2015 / 5G, mmW, small cell, SDN

EdgeHaul, the world's first self-organizing millimeter wave Gbps transport system featuring adaptive phased array beam form technology.

Solutions 500 400 300 200 100 0 $/Mbps Delivered 2G 3G 4G 5G The world?s first self-organizing millimeter wave Gbps transport system featuring adaptive phased array beam forming technology InterDigital, a leader in state-of-the-art wireless technology for over forty years has developed the latest generation of mesh, self configuring, WiGig based Gbps transport system: ? EdgeHaul? delivers LTE-A and 5G ready Gbps transport using low-cost design concepts (WiGig, global unlicensed spectrum, phased array antenna) ? Multi-hop topology is centrally controlled by intelligent mesh formation and routing algorithms that use the latest generation SDN technology ? Designed for mounting on lampposts or street furniture, the EdgeHaul nodes can be installed in minutes and use automated beam-steering for configuration and optimization long after the truck roll is completed EdgeHaul? Designed for Street Furniture and Lamppost mounting ? Channel Size: 2 GHz ? Duplexing: TDD ? Operating Band: 57 ? 64 GHz ? Throughput: Up to 8 Gbps ? Auto-Aligning Phased Array: ? ?45? azimuth per sector ? ?30? elevation per sector ? Range: 300 meters Driving transport costs below $10/Mbps/month for small cell mobile backhaul, enterprises, and MNOs 60 GHz Wireless Backhaul 60 GHz Wireless Backhaul + Cable Inter-site distance: 300 meters Source: Signals Research Group InterDigital, Inc. 200 Bellevue Parkway Suite 300 Wilmington, DE 19809 +1 (302) 281-3600 Enabling Small Cell Deployments ? Mesh-optimized MAC functionality ? Self-Organizing Network (SON) with Self- Discovery and Automated Mesh Formation ? Automatic rerouting of data based on signal & link quality ? Interference aware Layer-2 Forwarding/ Routing with redundant/backup paths ? End-to-end guaranteed QoS support ? Dynamic routing enabled with electronically steerable phased array InterDigital develops technologies that are at the core of mobile devices, networks, and services worldwide. We solve many of the industry?s most critical and complex technical challenges, inventing solutions for more efficient broadband networks and a richer multimedia experience years ahead of market deployment. InterDigital has licenses and strategic relationships with many of the world?s leading wireless companies. ? InterDigital, Inc. 2015. All rights reserved. This work was prepared and contains information supplied by, InterDigital, Inc. and/or its affiliates (hereinafter, ?InterDigital?). All information, including performance information, contained herein is provided on an AS IS basis without any warranty as to its accuracy or results. InterDigital expressly disclaims any and all liability for any errors or omissions. InterDigital reserves the right to modify this work and the information contained herein without notice. No part of this work may be reproduced, in whole or in part, except as authorized in writing by InterDigital, irrespective of the type of media in which the information may be embodied. ?InterDigital? is a registered trademark of InterDigital, Inc. Technical Specifications DS_201504_009 EdgeHaul? System Components Multi-sector node ? Flexible architecture supporting 90,180,270 or 360? field of view Mesh Controller ? OpenDaylight-based centralized control and management of system topology and route tables Development kit ? Customized interfaces and access to EdgeHaul software and hardware for integration with customer platforms Specifications Range ? 300 Meters Throughput ? 2 Gbps per sector ? 8 Gbps in four sector configuration Network Topologies ? Ring, Daisy Chain, Mesh Auto Configuration ? Automatic identification and updating of routing table Ethernet ? 802.3ah, 802.1ag, Y.1731 ? QoS and Traffic Shaping ? Multi-level priority queues with end-2-end QoS guarantee Interfaces ? 1GbE + 10GBE Synchronization ? SyncE, IEEE 1588 v2 Management Interface ? Web based, CLI, SNMP 3.0, OpenFlow Baseband ? 802.11ad through MCS 8 Phased Array Antenna and Radio ? 32 Element Phased Array ? Gain ~ 17dBi ? EIRP 36dBm ? ?45? Azimuth steerable, 15? beamwidth ? ?30? Elevation steerable, 28? beamwidth Frequency ? 57-64GHz (V Band) Dimensions ? 180mm x 180mm x 80mm Power ? 48V DC, <50W ? Power-over-Ethernet Environmental ? -40?C to +60? C ? Nema4X, IP56 Available 1H2016 Gateway to Core Network