BBC Features InterDigital's Fuzzy Cell Research

February 22, 2013 / Posted By: vandewille

The BBC’s Roland Pease, a science and technology writer, has taken a look at some of the fundamental communications research that will underpin future networks in this article, published today. It’s a tremendous look at some of the latest infrastructure and basic communications technologies – something that, as he notes, is often lost in a world focused on apps, shiny brushed metal casings, and other elements that the general public associates with “cellular technology.”

The piece highlights our own research into various areas, but most especially what we call “Fuzzy Cells”. The principle is simple: by blurring the distinction between cell edges – where the worst reception occurs, and data speeds for the most disadvantaged users plummet – through better handover, you can improve cell edge performance with no significant infrastructure change. InterDigital’s Fuzzy Cell technology shows gains of ~2X over fractional frequency reuse (FFR), a technique often considered for LTE.

The technique was also featured in a Connected Planet article, here.