BUTLER Features M2M Collaboration with InterDigital

BUTLER Features M2M Collaboration with InterDigital

BUTLER Features M2M Collaboration with InterDigital

November 1, 2012 / Posted By: indekeu

Following successful multi-vendor demonstrations and interoperability testing at the recent ETSI M2M workshop, BUTLER features its collaboration with InterDigital.  BUTLER - uBiquitous, secUre inTernet-of-things with Location and contExt-awaReness - is an EU FP7 project focused on research for the Internet-of-Things (IoT).  This consortium of 6 academic institutions and 11 private companies with extensive and complementary know-how played a key role in the multi-vendor demonstrations and interoperability testing at the event, as illustrated in the downloadable ETSI M2M demo configuration diagram.  The BUTLER consortium plans to do further testing of the InterDigital M2M Service Platform and create new context-aware services and technologies.


BUTLER's goal is to integrate current technologies and develop new ones to form a “bundle” of applications, platform features and services that will bring IoT to life.  For this purpose, BUTLER will focus on:

a) Improving/creating enabling technologies to implement a well-defined vision of secure, pervasive and context-aware IoT, where links are inherently secure (from PHY to APP layers) applications cut across different scenarios (Home, Office, Transportation, Health, etc.), and the network reactions to users are adjusted to their needs (learned and monitored in real time).

b) Integrating/developing a new flexible smartDevice-centric network architecture where platforms (devices) function according to three well-defined categories: smartObject (sensors, actuators, gateways), smartMobile (user’s personal device) and smartServers (providers of contents and services), interconnected over IPv6.

c) Building a series of field trials, which progressively integrate and enhance state-of-the-art technologies to showcase BUTLER’s secure, pervasive and context-aware vision of IoT.

In addition to these R&D innovations, BUTLER and its External Members Group also plan to aggregate and lead the European effort in the standardisation and exploitation of IoT technologies.  BUTLER will focus on five different vertical domains: Smart Transport, Smart Health, Smart Shopping, Smart Home and Smart City.