Connected Gaming Statistics with and Pentaho

Connected Gaming Statistics with and Pentaho

Connected Gaming Statistics with and Pentaho

December 14, 2015 / chess, gaming, pentaho, statistics, analytics, reporting / Posted By: wotio team

This post is part 3 of our series on connecting gaming devices with the data service exchange™.

Storing Gameplay Event Data with

In the last post we saw that after retrofitting an open source chess application to connect via PubNub, we could route gameplay messages from connected gaming devices to the MongoDB No-SQL datastore. Even when the messages were generated or transformed by other data services like scriptr, the logic required to store messages in MongoDB remained loosely coupled to the implementation of any single data service.

Now that we have taken our IoT event data and stored it in a suitable datastore, let's look into how we might start analyzing and visualizing it with another data service.

Custom Reporting with Pentaho

Pentaho is one of a number of data services specializing in extracting value from data at rest like the event data now captured in our MongoDB datastore.

Pentaho is an excellent choice for modeling, visualizing, and exploring the types of data typically found in IoT use cases. And it's ability to blend operational data with data from IT systems of record to deliver intelligent analytics really shines in the context of the data service exchange™ where multiple datastores and adapters to different enterprise software systems are not uncommon.

Just as you might imagine in a connected gaming use case, we wanted to create reports showing gameplay statistics for individual users, as well as aggregate reports across the entire gaming environment. Rather than write about it, have a look at this video: