Forbes Contributors Recognize InterDigital Board Member’s Pivotal Apple Role

August 19, 2013 / Posted By: vandewille

In a piece posted on, Eric Jackson and Rod Martin – both senior technology executives and members of the startup team at PayPal – recognized the pivotal role played by Gil Amelio, a member of InterDigital’s board of directors, in the renaissance of Apple. Gil became CEO of Apple in February 1996, after a 5-year stint as President and CEO of National Semiconductor, and put in place some of the key elements that resulted in the resurgence of the company.

Gil Amelio is a great fit for InterDigital, combining business experience with a very serious background in technology. With a PhD in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology, he began his career at technology pioneers Bell Labs and Fairchild Semiconductor, is an IEEE Fellow and holds a number of patents for his important research.

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