Grok Parallelism, Fanout Your Feeds

May 7, 2015 / Posted By: wotio team

It's really easy to do many things at once with, but something that we see in the wild is duplication of workflows (and effort!) consisting just minor modifications. This can get out of hand and really stacks up if you have a bunch of social channels to reach. Especially if you need to have the same message format or filtering applied for every outgoing message. Making sweeping modifications or tweaking your strategy can get really cumbersome and tedious, really quickly!'s graph model lets you chain an unlimited number of different actions and content transformations together and create complete workflows, and the best part is - every action can potentially be parallelized! What this means is rather than having to do things in limited sequential order, can send the same message out to many different apps at one time. This is what we call a 'fanout'.

Say you have your own RSS feed and would really like to cross post updates to it, on both Twitter and Facebook. Rather than just taking the RSS entry and posting it wholesale to Twitter (and then duplicating the same flow for Facebook), we can pipe, filter and compose content into standard messages, which can be distributed to those services at the same time (fanned out). Having the flexibility to add or remove targets to this fanout dynamically means more time spent perfecting your content strategy and less time stuck in configuration.