InterDigital Engineers Contribute to Millimeter Wave Publication

January 8, 2013 / Posted By: vandewille

Earlier last year, some of InterDigital’s research team were asked to contribute articles for a special issue of ZTE Journal, the peer-reviewed journal published by electronics giant ZTE, for special issue on millimeter wave communications (mmW) – an area that InterDigital is helping lead research in. The special issue, “Millimeter Wave Communications for Cellular and Cellular-802.11 Hybrid Networks,” has been published, with our own Phil Pietraski penning the guest editorial and our engineers contributing the following articles.

  • “Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Communications: Feasibility and Challenges” (Phil Pietraski, David Britz, Arnab Roy, Ravi Pragada, and Gregg Charlton)
  • “Modeling Human Blockers in Millimeter Wave Radio Links” (Jonathan S. Lu, Daniel Steinbach, Patrick Cabrol)

The issue is available for download at ZTE’s website, here.