InterDigital, Mindspeed and Radisys Combine on Wi-Fi/LTE Solution for Small Cells at MWC

February 20, 2013 / Posted By: vandewille

InterDigital was part of an important announcement today by our industry collaborators, Mindspeed Technologies and Radisys, regarding integration of Wi-Fi and LTE within a small cell solution. The announcement discusses the combination of InterDigital's Converged Gateway, a licensed and unlicensed bandwidth management software, with Radisys TOTALeNodeB small cell software, all running on Mindspeed's Transcede dual-mode processor. This enables OEMs to efficiently develop small cell solutions that combine HSPA, LTE and Wi-Fi in one access point.

As the release notes:

“Network operators are increasingly embracing cellular and Wi-Fi as complementary technologies in delivering the ever-growing volume of data through offloading cellular users onto Wi-Fi. As such, many operators are deploying carrier Wi-Fi in significant volume today. But critically, for urban deployments with metrocells, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is driven by the number of nodes, as each requires power, backhaul, installation and site acquisition. Having separate carrier Wi-Fi installations and small cell installations to serve the same area doubles TCO compared to an integrated unit that shares power, backhaul and installation.”